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Samantha-Victoria is a Canadian writer of fantasy fiction. Her debut novel, The Summoning, was self-published in 2017. Though, this was not the start of her writing dreams. A storyteller in childhood, a reader in her youth, and a writer in her teens…

Moral Bloodlines

The Summoning and The Prophecy are the first instalments of Filice’s debut series. This new-adult fiction is full of mystery, suspense, and darkness.

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Dear Readers,

I am very thankful to have the support of each of my readers. The writing process is similar to the discourse of a novel. There’s hope, heartbreak, triumph, celebration, and many cups of coffee in between. My time as an author is still new, but with the help of friends, family, and the writing community, I see the small publications as giant milestones. I hope you continue this journey with me because there are many more stories to tell.