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About Myself

Why did you start writing?

I started writing because I read a book (I won’t say which one) and thought: “How did [they] think of this?" I obsessed over finding a new idea that was so creative and different, no one would expect it. I dreamed of creating a world and characters that readers would want to know, become friends with, and genuinely love.

Did you learn to write in your Professional Writing program?

I don’t think I learned how to write from one place. I write my experiences, whether they are mixed in with a fictional characters’ reaction to heartbreak or I am writing my own. My YA professors are Kelley Armstrong, Victoria Aveyard, Richelle Mead, Holly Black, CC Hunter, JK Rowling, and so many others!

I enrolled in the Professional Writing program because a ‘book making course’ was offered and I needed to learn the specs if I wanted to pursue the field further. The course was, to my disappointment at the time, creative narrative non-fiction.

I say this was disappointing because at 18 I only wanted to write fiction. The program taught me how to take a small moment in life, focus on it, expand it, expose every detail from it, and incorporate prose to develop a true retelling of the events that happened to me. I learned personal narrative in a new way (my preferred style). I was the only graduate who submitted a fiction final – I entered the program for one reason and I refused to forfeit it in my last lag!

Did you create this website?

Ah yes, if you follow me on Twitter you would have witnessed my frustration and seeking .GIF support from other writers.

I did create this website. It’s not 100% done (I don’t think it ever will be if I have more books to add), but it’s a start!

Who is your favourite author?

I’m unsure if my response is a bad one or a generic one, but: I don’t have one. As I age or delve further into expanding my genre ‘flavour’, my taste changes. I have phases of who I am obsessed with – I will buy a whole series, then another, then their novellas, until I run out! I am always on the prowl for a new author to fall in love with, while I continue to gush over the authors I’ve read. Every writer has a story and a way of telling it. It’s my responsibility as a writer to explore this.

If you could give advice to a new writer, what would it be?

If you have a story, tell it. The hardest part of writing is finding the discipline to do it. If you’ve started your work-in-progress, don’t get discouraged. You will experience every emotion your characters have and then a caffeine withdrawal.

Keep contributing to your word count, even if it’s small, you’re still further than you were before you wrote that paragraph. Oh, and the writing community is full of kind hearts and soft souls, don’t hesitate to ask them for advice.

About Moral Bloodlines

How did you think of the idea?

I didn’t know the Moral Bloodlines was going to be a trilogy when I started – I didn’t even think it would turn into a book! I had the idea from a dream (definitely a nightmare). Specifically the part of getting off a train in the middle of no where and visiting a psychic. The dream was of the three tests Jeremy, Brett, and Isabelle experienced when they spoke with Crystal – and later the attack on camp. In The Summoning I only wrote Isabelle’s experience and decided to cut the others. From these scenes I developed a plot and background details. After that, pieces started to click.

How long did it take you to write?

I wrote the scenes I dreamt immediately when I woke up. Naturally I had to tell someone before I forgot about it. I added pages when I stole some time out of work and school, but I admit I really pushed myself because I wanted to use the book as an example for a school final. The majority of my book was written in a month, but the editing process continued a long time after that.

When can I expect the third?

The third book is in the world and plot development stage. I do not have a title for it yet. I am currently writing a side project, but I promise to commit myself to getting a rough draft done immediately after.

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