The Summoning

By: SV Filice

ISABELLE LOFFLIN lived an ordinary life until her mom mysteriously died four months ago. Now, with the help of her boyfriend, Jeremy, Isabelle is forced to take care of her younger sister, Brett. When Isabelle arranges to have Brett meet a psychic in the hopes of reuniting with their mother, everything goes wrong.

The round-trip turns one-way when the train drives further from Feathercoe. Separated from her family, Isabelle discovers the train has only one stop: a secluded camp that excels in teaching lessons of good and evil. What she doesn’t expect to find is a daring redhead, a spunky Hispanic and a pair of captivating eyes that are too black to pass as brown. Isabelle must decide which fight is more important—finding her sister or achieving moral balance to stay alive.

The Moral Bloodlines - Trilogy

Moral Bloodlines is a trilogy of power, love, and darkness. Isabelle Lofflin is forced to accept a world she wished she never saw. Separated from her sister, Isabelle must learn to balance darkness and train for an affinity that can save more than just her camp.

Book One: The Summoning

The Summoning is the year end solstice, calling all Descendants to duty. The Preceptors of each Sense must work together to teach balance in the Sight of Knowing, Touch of Force, Sound of Truth, and Voice of Reason. Balancing light is the only way to stay safe. With darkness looming and the camp located miles from home, it’s hard for Isabelle to hold onto hope for reuniting with her sister. Will she gain her balance or risk leaving?

Book Two: The Prophecy

The prophecy is the reason they’re all still alive. After the attack on camp left many exposed to darkness, Isabelle must learn to harness her affinity. But Calix has a past no one expected, not even him. Now Isabelle and her friends search for answers. The war against darkness is near – will their balance of light keep them safe?

Book Three

In Progress…

The Summoning

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“There’s a reason why light is symbolized as a flame. It takes work to remain lit and when it goes out,

Darkness is waiting to consume."