The Summoning

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Book One of The Moral Bloodlines trilogy


ISABELLE LOFFLIN lived an ordinary life until her mom mysteriously died four months ago. Now, with the help of her boyfriend, Jeremy, Isabelle is forced to take care of her younger sister, Brett. When Isabelle arranges to have Brett meet a psychic in the hopes of reuniting with their mother, everything goes wrong.

The round-trip turns one-way when the train drives further from Feathercoe. Separated from her family, Isabelle discovers the train has only one stop: a secluded camp that excels in teaching lessons of good and evil. What she doesn’t expect to find is a daring redhead, a spunky Hispanic and a pair of captivating eyes that are too black to pass as brown. Isabelle must decide which fight is more important—finding her sister or achieving moral balance to stay alive.


2 reviews for The Summoning

  1. Angela

    Amazing! Great read to get you out of reality and into the life of Isabelle Lofflin and her spirited friends!

  2. Danielle Pasquale

    Amazing and well written book! I was very much impressed on how the Author portrayed the characters with a captivating and intriguing plot that keeps the reader mesmerized to wanting more! Would highly recommend reading “The Summoning” for an entertaining and fascinating experience. Looking forward to this talented Author’s upcoming 2nd book!

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